What else should I do to make the toolbar appear in PowerPoint?

This may be due to the security restrictions set for the PowerPoint add-ins. Please change the settings as mentioned below:

PowerPoint 2002, PowerPoint 2003

  • Go to Tools -> Macro -> Security;
  • Select the Trusted Publishers tab on the Security widow;
  • Check the box next to Trust all installed add-ins and templates.
  • Click OK and restart PowerPoint.

PowerPoint 2007

  • Click on the Office button (the round button with Office logo on the top left corner of the PowerPoint application window).
  • Click the button 'PowerPoint Options' at the bottom of the window.
  • Click the command 'Trust Center' on the left window pane.
  • Click the button 'Trust Center Settings
  • Choose the command 'Macro Settings' on the left window pane.
  • In the section, 'Developer Macro Settings', check on 'Trust access to the VBA project object model'.
  • Click OK and again OK.
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